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All dogs attending The Hounds Hangout Dog Daycare undergo an Induction assessment which takes place on the first morning of attendance and throughout their first day with us. It is designed to evaluate your dog's social temperament and to ensure they will feel comfortable in the off-lead ‘group’ environment. We may assess new dogs for the first 3-5 visits before deeming them suitable for daycare.

  • On your dog’s first day, you must arrive at 7am - Arriving later than 7:10am may result in rescheduling your dog’s first day

  • An owner or caregiver must be available by phone throughout the day for any necessary questions or early pickup

  • Dogs need to arrive with a collar and on-lead (no spikey collars please!)

  • If your dog/puppy requires lunch, please bring this with you in a named container.  Please collect your container at the end of the day

  • The Induction fee is a one-off cost of $15 (excluding the daycare fee)

  • For safety reasons, owners are required to leave before existing daycare dogs turn up from 7:30am

Arriving early allows The Hounds Hangout staff time to assess and bond with your dog one on one, this also gives him/her a relaxed opportunity to ‘sniff out’ the daycare premises where they will be spending their day.  Being the first to arrive also allows your dog to meet the existing dogs one by one as they turn up, easing your dog into discovering new friends and their most suited playgroup.

During The Induction Process & Assessment Your Dog Will Be Evaluated For...

  • Temperament and social skills

  • Comfort level within the daycare environment

  • Any issues with aggression, resource guarding, anxieties, stress, excessive barking 

Remember the daycare group environment is not suitable for every dog.  If we believe your dog will not settle into daycare comfortably... Please do not take offence... This does NOT mean you have a 'bad' dog.  We are simply ensuring the well-being and safety of all dogs attending The Hounds Hangout including yours.  Some dogs are better suited to alternative daycare environments - We can recommend other suitable options if needed.  

Induction/First Day Assessment: About
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